Monday, June 7, 2010

Gallery: "Dysphoria"

After a great suggestion from a reader, in these gallery series, I will now let the art speak for itself. A poem related to the gallery topic will fill the space. All artwork is copyrighted to each individual artist, and credited in order at the end of the post.

If you are new to pallimed arts, there is an ongoing series in which I search for artwork titled after a common palliative care theme. Links to other issues are at the bottom.

The definition of dysphoria: An emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression or unease.

This poem is from "Dysphoria Quartet. Subtitle, Why God invented Lithium" by Anitra L. Freeman.

Body Language

I am clenched tight to ram my way through
fog in front of me
the skin of my arm jumps with the need
to flood out a thousand words
my fingers are frozen silent
my legs long to run
my feet are still
my mind races in place
and I never see the scenery

The next poem is by Anna Williams


I sand smooth
the rough
edges of my words,
over and
over again.

Running fingers
over them, only to
find flesh still snags.

I push harder
down upon them,
until blood
has coated ink

Turning red
the ebony lines
of dissatisfaction.

they are not refined,
not smooth
to the minds

A finer grade
of sandpaper
is needed,

will do nothing.

Artwork displayed:
Melanie A. Feerst (1999) "dysphoria(potatoes)"
Edwin Stolk (2007) "dysphoria"
Ron Blumberg (1948) "dysphoria"

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